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Supply Chain

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Shane Joyner

Trade Counter Replenishment Manager

“As the Trade Counter Replenishment Manager I manage a team of 7 across 2 sites. Our aim is to get the right stock from our distribution centres into our Trade Counters ensuring full availability for our customers.

Supply Chain really fuels the growth of Screwfix, with 60 new stores a year and a growing product range it is a fast paced and ever evolving department. So to be successful here you need to be analytical, have a bit of a personality, be willing to influence other departments, be prepared to work in a fast paced environment and be ready to adapt to changes.

Reflecting on my own career, I joined Screwfix at an entry level and now with the support, coaching and development I have received I am successfully managing my own team.

If I was to sum up the culture here I would say it is challenging, dynamic and above all exciting.”