Juanita Valture - Profile Card

Juanita Valture

Brand Marketing Manager, Head Office, Yeovil

“Life started at a performing arts school back in South Africa. After studying graphic design, I came to the UK on a working holiday which was only meant to be for 2 years, but 11 years later it’s still my home. Initially, I was staying with friends in Oxford before I found a job in a nursing home in Yeovil.

Not long after, I joined the contact centre. It was very flexible while studying at Bournemouth University. I was doing that for 7 months, but had seen the potential to move into the design team in Head Office. I covered a design artworker role in the catalogue production team on a 3-month contract. I then went on to manage that team and moved across to my current role in April 2016. In total, I’ve been here 8 years!

Progression isn’t just about climbing in a straight line. People tend to associate that with development, but growth also depends on the breadth of opportunities available. There are a lot of changes happening in the company, which are opportunities in themselves. I’m excited to see how we can grow the brand team and the creative we produce.

I look after a team of 4 designers and 2 marketing assistants. Together, we conceptualise the creative and steer the brand. I review everyone’s work, ensuring briefs are met. Ultimately, we seek to strengthen our identity and deliver consistency, while making sure we’re engaging the customer.

I really enjoy working with so many different departments and with colleagues at all levels. Everyone is welcoming and open – all working toward the same goal,which makes the project easier. You’re always free to be yourself and offer up new ideas. My team are very social and we do a lot together outside of work – team meals, BBQ’s around each other’s houses and going to the pub. Plus, I have time for my own hobbies like playing guitar, painting and lots of gardening!”