LUKE BOWIE - Profile Card


Branch Manager, Poole store, Dorset

“The growth I’ve seen in the business over the last 10 years has been mad! When I started, we were on 60 stores and now we have well over 500. With that I’ve grown as a person and witnessed my friends growing around me. People are really making careers out of the company’s success and that’s what really stands out for me.

Looking back to the kid I was at 17 to who I am now is incredible. Starting as a Service Assistant, Screwfix was my first proper job outside of school. When I was a teenager, I wanted to make more friends and Screwfix gave me that opportunity. The atmosphere here is amazing. You actually look forward going to work. Even now, as a manager, I feel part of the team. It’s so down to earth, from the SAs right up to Graham, our CEO. I work in his local store and he’s really easy to talk to.

Recently, I won Store Manager of the Year at the national managers’ conference in Wales. Never in a million years did I think I’d get it, but I owe a lot to the teams around me and the people I’ve had to look up to. I remember a time when I had zero knowledge. I could barely tell you what a screw was. You learn new things every day here – even from the customers.

And there’s still so much room for me to develop. One day, I’ll do the Excellence in Management course. I could become an area or regional manager, or even move to head office. But, for now, life is good. My girlfriend and I have just bought our first house in Poole. I’m doing it up myself – with friends, actually. So the 20% discount on Screwfix and B&Q comes in handy! I save a lot of money and I’m happy being near the lovely beaches.