Build your career from day one

We’re committed to ensuring that everyone at Screwfix has the opportunity to grow in their role and to reach their full potential. That’s how we help sustain our phenomenal growth and deliver great service to our customers.

This commitment starts right from day one. We recognise how important it is for all our new people to get a great induction and onboarding experience that helps them contribute to as early as possible.
It doesn’t stop there though, once you have settled into the business we will support you to continue your development, helping you to contribute and grow. We recognise that you will want to take ownership of your own development as well though.

That’s why, whether you are based in our head office, contact centre or one of our retail trade counters we commit to ensuring that you will have access to development opportunities that meet your individual needs. This means you might be taking a Champion role in store, using self or team learning activities on our People Toolkit or spending time with other teams and departments understanding how and what they do.

There are wide range of experiences available and when we asked our employees in our recent employee experience survey over 80% said that they had received great opportunities to learn and grow!
If you work for us – you’ll certainly get the support you need to make more of yourself!