Jurate Sostakaite - Profile Card

Jurate Sostakaite

Web Merchandiser, Head Office, Yeovil

“I moved here from Lithuania 12 years ago, travelling London, Liverpool, Manchester and the Midlands for a job in the gaming industry. I then moved onto a major fashion retailer before working at a leading home and gardening brand – first in supply chain, then in buying and promotions.

One of my previous managers worked for Screwfix and told us about its spirited culture. My partner and I decided to take a break from the city. So we applied, got offered the jobs at Screwfix and relocated to Dorchester to live by the sea. Everyone at Screwfix knows what they need to do to get where we’re going, whereas previous jobs had so much restricting your progress. Here, it’s much quicker and you always know who can help you. It’s professional, but also feels very personal and informal. There’s a definite family feel.

I like how fast paced and results driven each team is. There’s no routine. You do so many different things, but whatever decision you make, you can see it take effect the next day. Most of all, I love how I love my job. I want to go to work. I want to see my colleagues in Web Trading Team.

My role is to ensure our customers’ shopping experience is fully optimised at Screwfix.com. Based on work I’ve done, my categories are performing amazingly well online and we actually exceeded sales expectations – which I’m really proud of, because E-commerce is new to me. It’s been a learning curve. I started as a Web Co-ordinator over a year ago, but was successfully promoted to Web Merchandiser 2 months ago.

Now, I’m focused on developing specialist skills. The training system is great, which is key for me because I love to learn. There are also plenty of fun activities to get involved in at Screwfix. I recently started fundraising for Screwfix charities, in addition to the dance and piano lessons I have once a week.