Dan Parker - Profile Card

Dan Parker

Senior Category Trading Manager, Head Office, Yeovil

"After studying Japanese and Italian at a language college near Plymouth, I started working at an educational supplies company in Wiltshire. I went from the contact centre to being a buyer in the purchasing team, managing their ‘early years’ category – toys like Lego, trikes and construction sets.

Then my wife and I moved to Somerset, and I started at Screwfix in 2013. I’m a Senior Category Trading Manager (Lead Market Manager), which is very different from a typical buyer in the public sector. Rather than just placing orders and agreeing terms, we manage entire categories, buying and selling. My team is responsible for the end-to-end process of sourcing, negotiations, contracts and agreeing upon the product ranges. Plus, we control our sale prices, promotional plans, and the exposure given to different brands. Ultimately, we’re responsible for growth and the bottom line. We do the lot – it’s like managing your own business.

But, if you can say anything about Screwfix: they don’t muck about! Do a good job and you get rewarded for it. I started on our second smallest category – a £3million decliner on the verge of being camped – and doubled it in the space of three years. Currently, it’s a nice little growth business. So now I’m at Level 3 – a senior team-member, if you like. And the progression doesn’t stop there. There are always bigger and badder categories to take on, giving you more exposure within the business. My current group of categories – Building & Outdoor – is worth around £130million.

The growth of the business has been incredible – adding new teams and new people all the time. You just don’t get that anywhere else. Everyone’s energised and enthused about doing the right thing. No one coasts. You’re always kept on your toes, thinking ‘what’s next?’

The time absolutely flies here. You see so much change and you know you can make a real impact quite quickly. Plus, I have fantastic travel opportunities, seeing suppliers in the far east, going to customer events and attending Group strategy meetings in the UK and Europe."