Henry Clayton - Profile Card

Henry Clayton

Key Accounts Manager, Contact Centre, Yeovil

“Knowing what a reputation Screwfix have in Yeovil, it was the first job I applied for straight out of college – although I had a stint in a bakery for the free food! I started as a Customer Service Representative, moved through a couple of departments, and four years later, I’m a Key Account Key Accounts Manager.

I deal with high-value customers, who spend up to a million pounds per year. So my team can give them the service they deserve, I listen to calls, support agents with queries and collaborate with other departments like Marketing – so we know what’s available to our customers.

You can feel the vibe when you walk into the contact centre. The people make every day enjoyable. We all eat lunch together and go out after work. Everyone’s welcoming, outgoing and confident expressing themselves, which also comes across on the phone to customers – which Screwfix are more than happy about.

We all want you to feel good about yourself. We’re always honest and supportive. Right up to our director. He’s always there and happy to answer our questions. You’re given the opportunity to grow all the time, it just depends what you want to grow into.

After I was nominated for a South West Contact Centre award for upselling and assisting customers, I started the First Steps to Management program. I also have regular one-to-ones that are really beneficial, showing me where to improve and what I’m already doing well. I could end up managing a team in the contact centre or becoming an account manager in head office. From there, I can work my way up to CEO!