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Lisa Ottery

Payroll Supervisor

“We act as the main point of contact for payroll queries, talking to people in different teams and Trade Counters across the business. We take the payroll from start to submission, dealing with all the sickness, maternity/paternity and contractual changes.

Our aim is to ‘pay the right people, the right amount, at the right time’. And we’re a happy, motivated and engaged team.

I used to work in local government. So Screwfix is certainly a change of pace! With the speed we’re growing, there’s always something about to happen and every day brings different challenges or opportunities.

In the region there aren’t many companies that can compete with Screwfix in terms of size and rapid growth. This means there are more opportunities to learn, grow, progress and put your skills to good use. Also living in Somerset is great. You can go to the beach, go shopping in the cities or enjoy a breath of fresh air in the countryside.”