Gavin Jackson - Profile Card

Gavin Jackson

Customer Analytics Manager

“I grew up in South Wales and studied Mathematics at Cardiff. At university, I completed a year in industry as an operational analyst at the Ministry of Defence, before moving to London to work in supply chain at a major clothing retailer.

My wife is a doctor and had an opportunity to work in Devon. I wasn’t sure what was available to me, but I looked into Screwfix and it seemed like a great fit. We’re both very outdoorsy – doing cycling and triathlons – so it wasn’t long after moving that we fell in love with the South West. It’s a beautiful part of the world. We love going to the beach, and I’ve been learning to surf recently – admittedly very badly! The work-life balance at Screwfix is great for that. We’re effective, so it’s not a competition who can stay the latest.

I like the no-nonsense aspect at Screwfix, it’s very entrepreneurial. Some businesses say they’re customer-centric, but really try to be everything to everyone. Screwfix is unashamedly clear on what it needs to do to make shopping simple for its customers. My team use analytical technologies to find out which marketing is most relevant and engaging. We support decision makers at all levels in the business, ensuring they have the right tools to do the job. We also input on strategic projects and as a result, I regularly get to present to senior members of the business.

After only being here 4 months, the level of autonomy I’ve been given is really nice. I can bring my own experiences to the job and try new things, discovering what works (and what doesn’t!). I’m currently working on an exciting project, where we’re exploring using analytics more broadly at Screwfix, not just in the marketing team.

I’ve also been approached to take part in a leadership development programme, so one day I hope to move into a senior marketing role. And from there, who knows…? Maybe I’d even like to reach board level!