Brendan Kieran - Profile Card

Brendan Kieran

Branch Supervisor, Gillingham Store, Dorset

“I grew up near my store in Gillingham. Around three and half years ago, I started as a weekend worker while I was in school, but soon moved into a full-time role.

Then I did my First Steps and went from Service Assistant to Supervisor.

As a Service Assistant, I was given the chance to lead a big warehouse project, so if anyone needed anything, they would come to me. I showed I really wanted it, so Screwfix rewarded me with a bump up to supervisor. That was only a year ago, but I could already start my Fast Track course by the end of the year – which would qualify me to become an Assistant Manager. Everything has moved quite quick, but my Store Manager believes I can do it.

We do fixed shifts like 7-3 openings, 12-8 closings or anything in between, like 9-5s or 10-6s. Supervisors all take it in turns to write the rotas, so everyone can plan their lives around their shifts. And we only work every other weekend, so I have plenty of time to hang out with friends.

But when you’re here, it’s never boring. There’s always something to do or going on.

You’re never just standing around. Plus, the team is the best. There are only 20-ish people in any one branch, so you’re quite close and get to work together regularly – which you don’t really have in big supermarkets or department stores. We all get along and like to laugh while we work. We don’t make anyone feel like outsiders.

It’s a great a store. Except for the fact that we all agree it’s haunted! We once caught the bin moving by itself on CCTV!”