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We’ve a network of over 500 Trade Counters across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – with more new store openings and new store formats planned throughout 2017 and beyond. It's an exciting time to join the team at one of our Trade Counters, as you’ll enjoy plenty of career opportunities as we continue to grow and expand.

In our Trade Counters you’ll find a positive and straight talking culture. We’ll give you responsibility and the opportunity to make a real difference to the success of your store. We’ll also listen to your ideas and take your suggestions on board.

We’re an honest company, managed by real people, where everyone works hard, rolls their sleeves up and gets stuck in. It isn't unusual to see an Area Manager serving behind the tills or helping customers during a busy period.

Have we got you hooked?
We hope so. You can find our latest jobs on this careers website. Simply visit the search and apply pages. 

Roles in our New Stores:

Abertillery - Service Assistant - Supervisor

Battersea - Service Assistant - Supervisor 

Bedford Service Assistant - Supervisor 

Chelmsford westway Service Assistant - Supervisor 

Edinburgh – Leith Service Assistant - Supervisor 

Exmouth - Service Assistant

Glasgow – Pollokshaws - Service Assistant - Supervisor 

Hainault Service Assistant - Supervisor 

Harworth Service Assistant - Supervisor 

Horsforth - Service Assistant - Supervisor 

Ilkeston - Service Assistant - Supervisor 

Leeds – Sheepcar Service Assistant 

Lewisham  Supervisor 

Malton - Service Assistant - Supervisor

 Northampton Service Assistant - Supervisor

Pontypool - Service Assistant - Supervisor

Selby - Service Assistant - Supervisor

Stockport - Service Assistant - Supervisor

Wigan - Service Assistant - Supervisor

Did you know?

Screwfix historical facts

We opened our first Trade Counter in Yeovil in 2005. Since then, on average, we’ve opened one Trade Counter every 10 days.

We sell over 18 million screws every week.

In a recently conducted survey amongst a large number of Service Assistants, 93% said they would recommend Screwfix as a place to work.