Retail & Trade Counters

Help our customers get the job done

We have hundreds of Trade Counters across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – with more opening and new store formats planned for the future.
It's an exciting time to join the team in a retail role, as you’ll enjoy plenty of career opportunities as we continue to grow and expand.
And even though our teams work together, you can choose to specialise in serving either our trade or retail customers:

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Know how to add a personal touch? Some of our customers have DIY projects planned, but don’t always know what they’re looking for. So, you can choose to focus on getting to know them and making sure they have the right tools to perfect their home improvements.
Meet Lewis, Ecommerce Design Manager.


If you’re great at managing longer term relationships, then you should help our more regular trade customers with their businesses – asking about their projects, helping them stock up on supplies and getting them the best deals possible.
Meet Lewis, Ecommerce Design Manager.
Meet Lewis, Ecommerce Design Manager.


Retail Assistants

You’re the energy and enthusiasm our customers rely on. You’ll ask about their projects, get on a first-name basis with our regulars and set the pace in a team that really bounces off each other.

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Most of your store will look to you to lead by example. That’s because you’re a pro when it comes to knowing the customer and getting them what they want. Your ability to motivate people is why you’re just one step away from management.

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Whether you’re training team members, interviewing new recruits or getting the atmosphere in-store just right, you’ll take a hands-on approach towards the growth of your trade counter. You’ll never rest on your laurels and still love the buzz of getting stuck in with your team.

Hear from some of our People

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TrainingWho cares if you’ve never held a hammer?

Lots of us hadn’t before starting here, either. But we got all the product training we needed and you will, too! So you’ll feel confident when helping our customers and progressing through the business.


Career DevelopmentThere’s always something to push for

Whether you want to step up to supervisor or make the journey into management, we have proper programmes in place showing you exactly what you need to do to achieve that. And you could even apply for roles in our Head Office or Contact Centre!


Did you know?

We employ 10,000 people in our retail stores

60% of our managerial roles are filled internally

We won Retail Week’s Multichannel Retailer of the Year in 2017